Computer Memory Upgrade

An install guide on how to add or upgrade computer memory

DDR, DDR2 Computer Memory Upgrade

Computer DDR, DDR2 Memory Module For The Upgrade

Let's take a closer look at the memory module itself. Here's a high-quality Crucial memory module. Notice the notches shown next to the red dots. These notches "key" the SDRAM so it cannot be put in incorrectly. Different types of memory modules puts the notches in a different place so they can't be accidentally installed in the wrong type of memory slot. The gold plating that runs along the bottom - yes, that's real gold! - is one easy indicator of high-quality RAM. It's not uncommon for low-cost RAM to use tin instead of gold. Gold is a much better electrical conductor and makes a much more reliable component. Tin is cheaper, of course.

Computer Memory Upgrade - SDRAM Notches

Couldn't quite read the label on the first picture, right? How about now? Yup, that's a Crucial memory module all right.

Computer Memory Upgrade - Memory Brand Label

The label on the other side gives the details of the specifications.

Computer Memory Upgrade - Memory Specifications Label

And here's the back. Fairly uninteresting by any standard. I guess that just about covers what the memory module looks like!

Computer Memory Upgrade - Back View Of SDRAM memory module

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