Dell Memory Upgrade

An install guide on how to add or upgrade computer memory

Dell Memory Upgrade

The most cost effective way to improve the performance of your Dell computer is with a memory (RAM) upgrade. It's also one of the easiest computer upgrades.
Crucial memory hits the "sweet spot" in terms of quality and price. The quality is outstanding yet the price is low since it's factory direct and such a widely used brand. Shipping is free!
Get top quality Crucial memory!
Crucial memory is made with high quality components, such as the use of gold for the connectors. Many other brand memory modules use tin! Gold is a much better electrical conductor. Tin is cheaper, of course.
That kind of attention to quality is put into each part that makes up a Crucial memory component, and not just the parts you can see. Definitely don't compromise quality when it comes to the computer's main memory. Many "blue screens of death" and other untraceable computer problems are due to low-quality memory components. It's the no-brainer choice for memory and what I use in my own computer! See Build A Computer Like My Super PC - RAM
Memory upgrades are available for all Dell computer models, such as Dell Dimension 4500 series, Dell Dimension 8200 series, Dell Inspiron 8200 and the Dell Inspiron series, Dell Latitude, Dell OptiPlex, Dell 4000/XE, Dell notebooks and Dell laptops, and in all sizes from 8MB to 512MB and everything in between!
Compatibility is guaranteed and all Crucial memory modules come with a limited lifetime warranty.
Follow this Crucial memory link for a step-by-step process to select the exact memory you need for your Dell computer or laptop or notebook.
For installation, start at my home page for step-by-step instructions to do a computer memory upgrade.
More questions? Try my computer memory upgrade frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

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